A clean, fresh-smelling bank enhances the professionalism and trustworthiness of your facility in the minds of your clients, and it doesn't have to cost the Earth to achieve. JAN-PRO offers a bank cleaning service that makes your financial institute look and smell exceptionally clean, giving potential clients the confidence to trust you with their finances. With JAN-PRO, you get pristine premises every day of the year.

Banks have unique cleaning requirements, meaning you have high expectations of commercial cleaners. At JAN-PRO, all our cleaners are highly trained in delivering on the cleaning and security needs of bank premises, meaning you get maximum value every time. Our MedMetrix® medical cleaning programme is the most comprehensive disinfection system on the market, and ensures your financial institute feels as clean as it looks.

Our bank cleaning service is built around the safety and security of your premises. While on site, your JAN-PRO cleaner will remain in contact so you always know where we are. All JAN-PRO cleaners are equipped with uniforms and prominent ID badges, so we are easily identifiable.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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Our bank cleaners use the best materials and equipment, including HEPA-filter vacuums and microfibre cloths, under our unique Technics® suite of cleaning materials. All our tools are designed to trap dirt, dust and bacteria more efficiently than traditional materials, and remove airborne particles to boot.

We differ from many other cleaning services because we are specially trained in techniques that minimise the use of harsh chemicals in the workplace.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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Our exclusive, innovative EnviroShield® system eliminates 99.99% of germs on contact. With a misted spray, our disinfectant permeates those hard-to-reach areas for the ultimate disinfection that leaves no stone unturned.

The JAN-PRO service includes daily cleaning for any types of flooring in your facility. We can even offer intensive cleaning for carpets, marble, tiles and many other floor types. To keep standards high, we use our own Tracker® system to continuously measure our results.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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Our service is fully certified under the Signature Clean® programme. This is a programme that requires JAN-PRO franchisees to pass an intensive 5-week training course that includes cleaning standards and strategies specific to banks.

The JAN-PRO bank cleaning service is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If our standards ever fall short of your expectations, just give us a call. We will fix the issue within one business day, or you get a complimentary standard clean FREE.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

About Us

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