In any healthcare setting, hygiene is a priority. As a highly experienced cleaning company, we understand the value of cleaning that doesn't just remove grime, but which also eliminates harmful bacteria, improves air quality and reduces the risk of diseases spreading from one person to another. We bring added value to every clean we complete in clinics, GPs' surgeries and nursing homes.

Our Medmetrix® system of cleaning and disinfection is designed to comply with regulatory guidelines regarding the cleanliness of medical facilities. The Medmetrix® cleaning process ensures that every part of the premises is cleaned to an appropriate standard, using green, environmentally friendly products that are proven to work. Every JAN-PRO worker who undertakes Medmetrix® cleaning will have successfully completed an intensive, five-week training programme to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to complete the Medmetrix® cleaning regime meticulously.

EnviroShield® is a complete cleaning and disinfection system that's been developed to effectively eliminate 99.99% of bacteria. We know how important cleanliness is within any healthcare facility, that’s why EnviroShield® has been specially created to be tough on germs but gentle on skin. Targeting hard-to-reach areas, EnviroShield® results in exceptional hygiene throughout.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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The JAN-PRO Tracker® provides extensive monitoring and inspection processes. This system is in place to ensure not only that cleaning is completed to the very highest standard, but also that our customers are 100% satisfied with our service. Under the terms of our guarantee, if you have any issues, just get in touch with your JAN-PRO team and they will resolve them within one working day. If the issues aren't sorted out to your complete satisfaction, you will get your next clean for FREE.

Always driving standards upwards, our five-week, rigorous training programme ensures our workers are able to offer an exemplary cleaning service for your healthcare facility in line with our systems and expectations.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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All JAN-PRO cleaners have access to the JAN-PRO Technics® suite of cleaning products. Cutting-edge, safe, ecologically friendly product ranges that have been specifically formulated for use by JAN-PRO ensure high-grade results at all times.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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