Retail is an industry where the finer details can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Spotless floors and clean, fresh bathrooms are among those details, and that's why JAN-PRO are the go-to company for retail cleaning services. Our cutting-edge equipment and professional standards guarantee a genuinely exceptional clean with every single visit. When you choose JAN-PRO for retail cleaning, you get spotless and sparkling results to wow the customers before they part with their money.

Whether you have a large department store or a smaller outlet, we can meet your cleaning needs. With the JAN-PRO Signature Clean® system in place, you can rest assured that our cleaners are highly trained in delivering the best retail cleaning. Your business will get a bespoke cleaning plan that can be enacted for optimal results.

Our cleaners use low-noise, high-performance vacuum cleaners alongside our odour-free, no-residue EnviroShield® disinfection system too keep your premises quiet, comfortable and professional even during the cleaning process.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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In our retail cleaning programme, we pay special attention to your toilets. Our cleaners fight tough stains and unpleasant owners in the toilets, eliminating germs before they can build up. We pay particular attention to high-touch regions like tap and door handles. Our cleaners are equipped with industry-leading materials and strategies, thanks to our Technics® system.

We offer day-to-day cleaning for vinyl, carpet, concrete, ceramic, stone, rubber and hardwood flooring. We even offer periodic deep cleans to help maintain your floors for longer.

We are committed to keeping your carbon footprint low. Through a combination of green products and processes, we reduce the need for harsher cleaning agents to ensure your business clean is safe and green.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

About Us

With our unique JAN-PRO Tracker® system, we perform regular 50-point inspections to ensure you always enjoy optimal results from every clean. We also include a customer satisfaction guarantee and will fix any issues within 1 working day or offer a complimentary standard clean.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

About Us

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