JAN-PRO has been awarded a number of industry recognised accreditations our environmental policy is based upon on reducing harmful environmental impact through the conscious choice and use of products and procedures, from carefully selecting suppliers to the training of cleaning operators. This strategy assists in, not only the immediate reduction of negative and harmful emissions, but also the long-term, intrinsic approach in building a culture of environmental improvement across all working operations of the organisation.


  • All franchise partners and cleaning staff attend an in-depth certification course prior to carrying out any cleaning services. The course involves educating them on the harmful environmental impact of certain chemicals and procedures, and how this can be managed and overcome with the use of JAN-PRO products and cleaning methods.
  • Staff are trained, using written and practical exercises on how to use products and carry out cleaning procedures efficiently and effectively, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Staff at all levels of the organisation are reminded of this environmental policy during training events and meetings to embed the importance of reducing environmental pollution across all operations of the company.


Cleaning Chemicals

  • We use only butyl-free, low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) cleaning products and hospital-strength disinfectants.
  • Whilst many products are available for our services, we choose suppliers carefully, based on their consideration for minimising environmental impact when formulating and manufacturing their products.
  • Our chemical suppliers ensure;
    • All their chemical products abide by the strict European legislation on biodegradability (Regulation EC No. 648/2004).
    • They do not use NPEs (Nonylphenolethoxylates) which are banned from use in the EU. Whilst NPEs are biodegradable, they contain suspect breakdown products, suggesting that our supplier considers environmental effects beyond the elementary level of understanding.
    • They do not use harmful products such as Formaldehyde and Chlorinated Solvents, and all products are free from NTAs (Nitrilotriacetate).
  • All our suppliers are registered members of Valpak and Raepak to ensure compliance with waste recovery schemes in the UK and Ireland.
  • We ensure all products bought from our supplier has a green dot on the label. This shows that a contribution has been paid towards having the packaging recovered and recycled on their behalf.
  • We work to reduce overall energy consumption by using mostly concentrated cleaning products which work more effectively when used economically and in smaller quantities. This cuts down on the energy expended in production, packaging, transportation and disposal.


  • Since 1991, we have used our very own eco-friendly, hospital-grade disinfection system called EnviroShield®, designed to minimise environmental impacts, whilst cleaning effectively, as the name suggests.
  • EnviroShield® uses a disinfectant that is EPA-rated as the safest in its’ class whilst also being powerful enough to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including MRSA, H1N1, E. Coli, and Listeria.
  • EnviroShield® features an electrostatic nozzle designed for specific areas and applications, to reduce energy wastage. Electrostatic technology applies a negative charge to a 30-micron droplet, ensuring 100% surface contact. The negative charge causes the disinfectant to cling to and fully cover every surface it touches – thus providing total disinfection and leaving behind no harmful residue or odour to people, and the environment.

Other Materials

  • JAN-PRO cleaning operators use HEPA-rated backpack vacuums that filter out 99.9% of particles from the air, improving overall air quality.
  • Being green is woven in the fibre of our business; our microfiber cloths are positively charged to trap more dirt.
  • The cloths are colour-coded to lower cross contamination, and they hold 6-8 times their own weight, to reduce waste.
  • Unlike string mops which simply move dirt and germs around, our flat, innovative microfiber mops reduce dry time and contamination, resulting in an effective and efficient clean.

Process & Services

  • We implement a 3-step process involving our JAN-PRO Signature Clean® services, JAN-PRO Technics® technology, and JAN-PRO Tracker® inspections to measure our green impact and ensure we are maintaining environmentally friendly consumption as an organisation.
  • We minimise waste through reusing and recycling at every working-level in the organisation.
  • We take responsibility for assuring safe and environmental disposal generated by our services.
  • Our cleaning practices aim to reduce ergonomic stress on our cleaning operators; it’s not just what we clean, it’s how we clean.


  • We comply with all the relevant regulations, legislation and other requirements.
  • We have a recognised system for managing short and long-term environmental effects of a business’ system, products, services, procedure and overall system. The framework for best practice for environmental management for organisations include;
    • Minimising environmental footprint
    • Reducing risk of pollution incidents
    • Implementing operational improvements
    • Complying with appropriate environmental regulations
    • Developing the organisation in sustainable manner

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