JAN-PRO is dedicated to consistently providing its clients with services which will fully meet the requirements and is in accordance with all applicable legislation and other requirements.

JAN-PRO Tracker®

All our cleaning projects are fully monitored by the JAN-PRO Tracker® system which enables us to ensure that our services are maintained at the highest quality levels, ensuring consistent customer satisfaction.

Employee Training

  • All cleaning operators are required to attend an in-depth certification course prior to carrying out any cleaning services. The course involves in-depth analysis of JAN-PRO’s strict cleaning standards.
  • All cleaning operators are trained, using written and practical exercises on how to use products and carry out cleaning procedures efficiently and effectively
  • Staff periodically complete refresher training courses to ensure all employees are consistent delivering quality results for our clients.

Customer Feedback

JAN-PRO is continuously striving to improving our service to our clients. We actively seek client feedback in order for us to better provide services and solutions to our client’s needs.

Our franchise owners meet with all the clients on their books on a frequent basis to ensure we are always meeting their expectations by supplying quality services.

JAN-PRO’s processes and practices are regularly reviewed by our franchise partners to ensure continuing suitability and effectiveness. We are committed to the continual improvement of our quality management systems and determine the improvements required to meet the changing needs of our clients.


JAN-PRO has several quality objectives we are working towards with the procedures we currently have in place. Our quality objectives are:

  • Client Focus — performance/reliability/service & delivery to specification and client KPI’s.
  • Continual improvement via client feedback and data obtained from the JAN-PRO Tracker® system
  • Improvement of staff efficiency and morale via measurement of training, appraisal and review and client feedback. Franchise owners are expected to monitor all cleaning operatives who work under them to measure performance and identify areas of improvement.
  • To remain compliant with legal, moral and financial requirements by eliminating/minimising risks to all employees, clients and suppliers.

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