Whether you've got a floor, surface or wall which needs specialist treatment, windows that need a thorough clean or any other specialist cleaning requirements, you can depend on us to deliver the results you need. JAN-PRO will give you results that not only look good, but also deliver a cleaner, healthier environment.

Every specialty clean is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you aren't satisfied with what we do, let the team know and we will rectify the matter within one working day. If we don't, your next clean will be entirely FREE. We are happy to customise our cleaning to suit your requirements: get in touch to discuss the details of your specialist cleaning job today.

Thorough floor cleaning doesn't just help to ensure your premises look clean and inviting, it also has a number of health benefits including reducing bacteria to reduce the risk of illness and improving air quality. An effective cleaning routine can also minimise allergens, thereby providing a safer environment for workers, clients, members of the public and partners.

These advantages result in a fresh, hygienic space that appears welcoming at the same time as being an area which complies with all relevant legislation when it comes to a healthy, safe area for all.

JAN-PRO provides a comprehensive selection of highly effective floor cleaning options: whether you need day-to-day routine floor cleaning, a one-off deep clean or a specialist clean & restore procedure, our highly trained team of cleaning professionals can get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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As part of your cleaning strategy, JAN-PRO will create a customised cleaning plan that takes into consideration every inch of your workspace. This may include daily cleaning of your premises windows. In industries such as auto dealerships and retail stores, having crystal clear windows is imperitive for successful window displays.

JAN-PRO has the technical know-how to periodically clean your windows and leave them streak-free and gleaming from top to bottom.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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No matter what fabric type, colour or condition your carpeting is in, we have the technical knowhow to keep your carpets in amazin condition. Whether you are looking for day-to-day cleaning, a one-off deep clean or specialist cleaning, our trained cleaning experts can get the job done.

If you are not completely satisfied with your clean we will be onhand to correct the issue within one working day. If you are still unsatisfied with your clean you will recieve your next standard clean FREE

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

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