Our green cleaning systems and products not only provide an effective cleaning solution, but they also make great business sense. Take a look at the advantages our patented, environmentally friendly cleaning systems can bring:

1. Effective cleaning, including disinfection and the elimination of harmful bacteria.
2. Improved air quality: a reduction in allergens without the added VOCs which harsh detergents and polishes can bring.
3. Enhance your green credentials, demonstrating to your customers and partners that you are an ethical, planet-friendly company.
4. Green cleaning certification available if required.

This all helps to make the world a better place.

We use systems that reduce the need for detergents and harsh chemicals, utilising heat, steam and suction to remove dirt, allergens and bacteria where possible. Where we do use cleaning solutions, they have been formulated to be as green as possible.

Take a look at our green, forward-thinking, patented technologies and systems:

Our five-week training programme, where our workers learn the procedures, skills and knowledge they need to complete environmentally friendly cleaning.

JAN-PRO’s suite of patented green products, eco-friendly equipment and sustainable working form the basis of our Technics® system.


JAN-PRO Tracker®

Systems, checklists and inspections we use as part of our commitment to great results and exceptional customer care whilst being gentle on the environment.

Green cleaning that's devised to ensure regulatory compliance in a healthcare environment.

A complete system of green cleaning that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria from your indoor environment.

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