For any government facility, working with trusted and cost-effective services is essential. For day-to-day cleaning, JAN-PRO provides government facilities with the smooth and professional services necessary. At a price that’s suitable for government purposes. There’s no better choice for keeping your facility hygienic, clean and attractive.

We’re experienced at working with government facilities, which means we understand the challenges and requirements for every space that may need cleaning. With our JAN-PRO Signature Clean® system, maintaining exceptional cleanliness has never been easier, whether it’s the cleaning of public bathrooms, office spaces, high-traffic areas or anything else.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

About Us

With many government facilities open to the public, we know the need to provide a clean, professional space for all. That’s why our service extends far beyond the basics, making your office, lobbies and waiting areas shine from day-to-day. We provide the hygienic, dust-free environment that the public expects, at a price you can’t resist.

Not only do we provide an exceptional cleaning service, we also purposefully use eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals to ensure that your public spaces are 100% safe for daily use. With our EnviroShield® system, we can help prevent viruses and illness from spreading, helping you to provide an even safer space for employees and the public alike.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

About Us

Our JAN-PRO guarantee provides you with the promise that we will uphold our high standards from day one. If you spot an issue, we’re here to solve it within one business day. If you are still dissatisfied, your next standard clean is FREE.

Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results.®

About Us

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