Two Guaranteed Ways to Overcome Workplace Allergies

Workplace allergies are common within the workplace. Regardless of your industry, it is an issue that affects millions of people and can create significant challenges for employers and employees alike.
Whilst some workers are able to battle through their allergies – often with the help of natural treatments or medications, a bad spell can leave with others feeling unwell, unable to function and consequently, unable to perform adequately in their role. Employers should be accommodating towards those who suffer from allergies not only for their ability to perform but also their comfort and well-being.
As a commercial cleaning company, we’re aware of the scale of the problem and have put together a couple of ways in which you can work to overcome allergies in the workplace.


1. Discuss Allergies with Your Cleaning Service

There are two main ways in which commercial cleaning service providers can improve allergies in the workplace;

• Change Cleaning Products
Based on the allergy sensitivities of employees, commercial cleaners can adapt and amend the cleaning products used for their cleaning routine. This is typically done on a workplace-to-workplace basis as allergy triggers can vary from one workplace to another. At Jan-Pro, our cleaning specialists use cleaning produces and application methods that reduce harsh fumes, key for employees whose allergies are exacerbated by respiratory issues.

• Adjust the Cleaning Strategy
Commercial cleaners are also able to adjust the scope and approach of their cleaning services to focus on reducing triggers for allergies, with some commercial cleaning companies specifically designing their services to minimise allergens in the workplace. Our specialist cleaners use a combination of strategies including include the use of HEPA air-filtration technologies, microfiber cleaning materials, mould-combatting cleaning products as well as the frequent vacuuming of carpets and upholstery to minimise dust, pollen, dander, and mould spores to assist in minimising workplace allergies.


2. Making Adjustments in the Workplace

As well as using cleaning services, making other adjustments in the workplace will assist significantly in eradicating workplace allergies. Some of these adjustments include;
Using entry mats and a coat hanging area near the entrance, away from employees. This will help to prevent employees from tracking dust, dander, and pollen from outside.
Installing an air filtration system or using portable air filters for your workplace to increase air quality.
Watering office plants regularly to prevent top soil from drying out and also removing top soil to prevent mould growth.
Eliminating air fresheners and aerosol products to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the air. This is particularly important for employees with respiratory problems.
Performing frequent, detailed workplace maintenance inspections to spot mould in carpeting, ceilings, and walls.

If you’re looking to improve the allergy-friendliness of your workplace. Get in touch with our cleaning specialists at JAN-PRO to see how our commercial cleaning services can help reduce allergies in your workplace.

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